Our drone arrives, and the only way is up!

Utopia Productions have recently acquired a bespoke custom built hexacopter for high quality aerial filming. 

Our ‘Vulcan Hex’ comes complete with a gyroscopically designed and balanced camera gimbal with full control over pan, tilt, roll and pitch as well as the remote control functionality of the on board camera to facilitate the zoom and to place the camera in and out of record mode.  

With a portable battery charger and 3 sets of lithium polymer batteries we can can provide multiple flights within the same day (providing  the weather conditions remain favourable).  A single set of batteries keeps the UAV safely in the air for up to 20 minutes. 

We have a license and a permit issued by the CAA who now regulate the commercial use of all UAVs in the UK and we have started using our hexacopter for a number of different applications in the commercial sector with amazing results.   We can shoot at full HD 1080 25 or 50p and can then edit down the footage and convert it into any delivery format including Blu Ray and SD DVD or more popular ‘web’ friendly file formats such as H264 quicktime or Mp4 for instant viewing on line via vimeo or for more formal presentations.