A key area of Utopia’s workflow is the time spent working on concepts, storyboards, scripting and ‘copy’. Planning and structuring the content of each production is a key element in the success and execution of the creative process and in the implementation and interpretation of a client’s brief.

We truly believe in ‘the power of ideas’, the importance of ‘creative writing’ and above all in ‘thinking outside of the box’ to try to ensure that all of our work is dynamic, contemporary and continually ‘pushing the envelope’.


At the heart of everything that we shoot, create and produce is the focus and dedication to every aspect of the post-production process.

A programme can be ‘made or broken’ in the edit. Pace, dynamism & structure are all equally matched by our pre-occupation with music and the importance of a carefully selected and constructed soundtrack. Again, all of our editing, graphics and animation sequences are designed, constructed and executed ‘in house’ keeping our CGI workstations and non linear edit suites running ‘flat out’ – just the way we like it!


All of Utopia’s programmes are shot and directed in house with the support of a hand picked network of creative freelance personnel when necessary. We have a range of state of the art HD cameras and technology all of which have their own specific place in the acquisition of high quality visual material.

We have been fortunate to work on a variety of filming projects that have taken us around the world from Africa to China, Brazil, America, Canada, Russia, Egypt, India, Japan, the Caribbean and all over Europe. We now have the benefit of an extensive library of stock footage and the experience of having successfully cleared customs with our film equipment and the relevant documentation in a number of international locations.

Our most recent acquisition is a bespoke Hexacopter complete with gyroscopically controlled camera gimbal for shooting high quality aerial footage for a number of different applications.

Some of our clients